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PSOTA App: Dat Grumpy Heatmor by Super-Liet PSOTA App: Dat Grumpy Heatmor by Super-Liet
Gonna try joining :iconpoke-schoolofthearts: :iconyayhanatamagoplz:

I look forward to rping with all of youuuuuu. c:

Name: Haylie Aalenn

-Birthday: November 3rd
-Sign: Scorpio

Pokemon: Heatmor

Gender: Female~

Ability: Flash Fire: Getting hit by a fire attack boosts the power of Haylie’s own fire moves.

Instrument: Guitar~

:iconfiretypeplz: Incinerate: Haylie breathes a short stream of fire that also burns the foe’s berry.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Fury Swipes: Haylie swipes at you with her nails two to five times. Her nails are sharp yo.

- Singing to herself and writing songs.
- Her guitar (It was her mom’s)
- Being around people (Though she doesn’t show it)
- Feeling emotionally secure.
- Warm food.
- Coffeeeeeeeee
- Durants (She actually likes them and doesn’t see them as food. Weird girl.)

- Being caught singing outside of class.
- Broken guitar strings.
- Water.
- Emotional stress.
- Her fear of people getting to know the real her.
- Isolation

Personality: At first glance Haylie is rather cold. She’ll usually disregard people or just treat them as inferiors most of the time unless they somehow get in her good graces. Then she might just treat them better. However if you peel back that angry outer layer, inside you’ll see that she’s rather sweet. She’s actually awfully shy and acts awful to get herself noticed. That and she’s afraid of people finding out about the real her. All in all if you don’t take the time to get to know her, expect some anger and her telling you to buzz off. But if you do find her in those certain moments and take the time to ask her things about herself, the simpler the better she prefers, she’ll actually attempt to open up to you and show her true colors.

Haylie was born in a lively place called Geon City, which unfortunately isn’t known for being very artsy. The city itself is rather dark with gangs running loose everywhere and soul sucking ghosts haunting the streets at night. Haylie’s parents, a Heatmor and a Simisear were both somewhat worried about how the city could affect their child, but they decided to give it a chance. Nothing too bad happened at the beginning, Haylie went through elementary school without much of a problem and even decided early on that she wanted to be a musician. Her mother greatly approved of this actually since she used to play some music in her earlier days. She even let Haylie play her old guitar from time to time. Her father was somewhat disappointed that she didn’t want to pursue a career that would be…more productive in his eyes, but alas the Heatmor had her mind set on her goal. However, once high school started things went somewhat downhill. She was subject to a lot of bullying with kids taking advantage of her left and right. They’d call her names and even break her guitar strings from time to time, just cause musicians weren’t common around the city. Eventually Haylie got fed up of being her cheerful self if it just meant she was going to be constantly bullied and locked up a lot of her emotions. She’d suddenly snap at the people who bullied her, this time being the one to yell obscenities at them and even breathe fire at them every once in a while. After a while everyone stopped bothering her altogether and she found herself alone. That seemed to be fine with her too, though on the inside all she wanted were some friends who could accept her for who she was.

Time passed and high school ended, though Haylie’s personality shift didn’t change. Her parents began to worry about her and decided that it would be best if she didn’t go to the local university in the city, not only because there wasn’t a decent music program there but, because she could just end up being bullied even more. Instead, they decided to invest their money into PSOTA and send her there, hoping that she’d be happy. And indeed she was happy with this decision and was mainly glad to get away from the city and her rocky relationships with the people there, most notably a Durant that she had had a crush on by the name of Daniel. He was terrified of her while she just wanted to be with him. It never did work out well and left the poor girl in a bit of an emotional slump. She’s hoping to meet new people in PSOTA to fill in the gap that the people in Geon City couldn’t fill.

Other info:
- Is 5’6’’
- She loves to read in her spare time, it helps her come up with song lyrics.
- She gets embarrassed if she’s caught singing outside her classes. Makes her self conscious about her voice and her hidden personality in general.
- She treasures he guitar and would immediately snap if someone tried to do anything bad to it.
- Her bark is honestly worse than her bite. Her attacks are rather weak.
- Her tongue is made of fire, like an actual Heatmor’s.
- She actually can’t lay on her back thanks to her tail, so if you ever catch her relaxing she’s either just sitting up or laying on her stomach or side.
- She has the ability to breathe through her tail, though she hardly ever does.

Classes being taken:
- Song Writing~
- String Instruments~
- Free-style Dancing~
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